Welcome to a challenging new chapter in the world of real estate sales! There are many, many newer marketing solutions realtors and their clients can utilize. The McCarty Team is a Premier Zillow and Trulia Agent as well as a subscriber and we love using social media! We have a far above average presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkeIn, etc. You never know who is on social media that might be considering buying or selling a home in southeast Michigan! We both thoroughly enjoy working with buyer and seller clients.

The McCarty Team greatly appreciates when folks like us and trust us with what is often one of their most important investment decision of their life. We never take their trust lightly! We often go up against several agents and we are chosen because of our integrity.

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We don't coach our clients and we don't receive bad reviews. If you are considering selling a home in Oakland or Macomb counties, just interview us and see what sets us apart. We have not had any of our listings expire in the past four years because of our openness! Yet we still often net our seller clients far higher dollars per square foot as well as sell homes far faster than the industry average in any given area!

The added technological advances potential buyers have access to have made them much more aware of recently sold homes' actual final selling price in any given area. In our opinion (and experience as successful agents), the initial offering price a seller chooses has become more important than ever. In the current market, buyers are plentiful but they simply often won't make an offer on homes that are listed much higher than recent similar homes sold for. Unfortunately, even in this incredible seller's market, listings often expire when the listing period is over. Perhaps the agent and client simply weren't a good fit?

When our highly personable team of two goes into a potential client's home, we go over the pitfalls of over-pricing a home when it is first introduced to the market. In our experience, the mindset "we can always come down" is an effective strategy in some product sales but not when it comes to selling a home. We would never tell a potential seller client what they want to hear just to get a listing. Picking an agent who is not a good fit can ruin sellers' future plans. That is just not an option for us.

There are many factors to take into consideration when you decide to sell a home. Most people are aware that a home with an excellent location (priced right in the beginning) will ultimately sell quicker and at a higher price than similar ones that are located on a ­less desirable lot. For example, if a home sits right next to a main road, it generally sells for far less than homes located in the middle of the subdivision. This is why we do diligent research before we meet with folks who are considering selling.

Home buyers seek quality of life in any area. Buyers with school aged children often research the public school system. They also usually consider ­locations where parks, community pools, gyms, highways, shopping, etc. are nearby. Buyer's and their agents realize how important this is for future resale value as well.­­

The McCarty Team offers a pressure free, complimentary, no obligation, current market condition consultation and analysis. At that time, we can discuss several unique, creative and unpublished strategies we perform to sell homes.

Fix Items Before Marketing Your Home

Make your home more appealing by completing at least some of the minor repairs that you have been putting off. Improve the exterior look aka "curb appeal". In our experience, it sometimes seems as though many potential buyers' perceived repair costs are double the real total cost of the improvements.­ ­ ­You should also also consider the fact that most buyers are represented by a buyer's agent and it is their fiduciary responsibility to help get the best possible price for their client.

Make Your Home Welcoming

Presenting a welcoming atmosphere throughout the home is also very important. This is the best opportunity to showcase all the best qualities it has to offer! Clean up the yard, purchase welcome mats, potted plants, etc. and strategically place them near all entrances. Rearrange furniture, paint areas that need it, de-clutter, etc.­

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